Chamalo & Mirty


Chamalo grew up in a Congolese family engulfed by music and was always attracted to dance. He took his first hip-hop class at the age of 10. At 15 years old he decided to take classes with the YUDAT CREW, from his talent and his hard work at 17 years old he started teaching hip hop and coaching the younger ones and at 18 he created with one of his mentor his own hip hop crew (CPEF KREW'). His career is diversified with several dances (dancehall, Afro, hip hop, house dance etc ...), He was also a musician (drummer) and played in churches. A few years ago he began to take kizomba lessons everywhere in Paris and joined the MOUV'CONNECTION taxi team. In 2015 he and some of his friends created a independent taxi team called THE DREAM KIZ. In 2016 he participated in Africa Dançar and became champion of Paris, champion of France; and, with his famous robot show, he became world champion in Portugal. The first one who won the 3 stages with only one presentation in the contest. Simultaneously he opened his own dance school in Holland in Amsterdam which is now number one there. When Mirty was around the age of 5 she started with dancing jazz and ballet. At the age of 9 her mother started her own dance school of salsa, mambo, bachata, merenge and chachacha. From the start she joined her mother at the dance school and learned it from an early age. At home her mother played salsa, mambo and jazz music all the time so she really grew up with a lot of musical understanding. At the age of 15 she also added hiphop to her repertoire. In 2015 she started to teach salsa at a dance school and that is where she discovered kizomba. She fell in love with it immediately. She is now the partner of Chamalo and is teaching with him at his dance school Castle Of Dance in Amsterdam. They travel the world together to share their passion of dance.

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