DJ Art


Music and the connection it creates within people has been an ever present thing for Art since a young age. Be it in family, among friends, or in the comfort of his own space. Born in Venezuela, Art was quickly introduced to the concept of music and dance as a way of appreciation and bonding among family. Learning to play musical instruments by influence of his father and learning to dance from his mother has left an impact that has lasted the rest of his life. Art began his musical career through Salsa, as it spoke to his roots. He danced for over 7 years in different cities as a hobby until he landed in Austin, Texas and discovered the beautiful world of Kizomba. From then on, Art spent any free time he had immersed in the dance and its music. It was not long before his other musical traits began to immerse in the same world. Art has dedicated himself to his craft, producing original work and contributing as often as possible to the local scene. For him, musicality is the name of the game and he strives to make this evident in each performance.

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